Suisse. 20 Francs 1911 B Bern

Suisse. 20 Francs 1911 B Bern
Or - Non gradé(e)

Switzerland - 20 gold francs. Minted in Bern (Switzerland), 1911.

HELVETIA. Young female portrait, wearing flower garland, facing left. Mountains in background /
Shield bearing cross, within oak branches, divided value
20 FR · 1911 B

(6,45 g. 21 mm.) Gold (.900)

KM# 35.

Mintage: 350 000.


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Shipments to destinations outside of Spain (both in the EU and third countries) are subject to the processing of export licenses, but only those from third countries will be charged at a rate of 5%.
Shipments are likely to be subject to delays depending on the administrative deadlines derived from the application for export permits process.


Informations du lot
20 Francs
Année / Période et Variation
1911 B Bern
Métal précieux
Non gradé(e)
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