Willem Frederik Hermans - Collage bij Mandarijnen op Zwavelzuur, gemonogrammeerd - 1963

Willem Frederik Hermans - Collage bij Mandarijnen op Zwavelzuur, gemonogrammeerd - 1963
Art - Quantité : 1 - Feuille simple

Willem Frederik Hermans - Collage - monogrammed at the bottom right - paper size 20 × 24 cm, image size 16 × 23 cm - in fine condition

W.F. Hermans was not only a novelist and sharp polemicist, but also a photographer, as is well known to most readers of Hermans' work. Less known is that Hermans was also an illustrator and collage maker. All his life, Hermans made collages, albeit sporadically. The collages by Hermans not only reflect the author's idiosyncratic hand, but also his broader vision on authorship and his view of the world. In both expressions of his creative mind, the written and the visual work, Hermans' fascination for the surreal and the so-called ‘unknowable’ is found. Word and image seem sprout from the same root. On 24 August 1946 Hermans published his first collage in the magazine De Baanbreker. In 1953 he showed his collages again, this time in the Amsterdam gallery Le Canard, and along with other surrealists such as Emiel van Moerkerken, Louis Lehmann, Ad Pieters and Maurits Dekker. Then, in 1963, collages appeared in the first edition of ‘Mandarijnen op zwavelzuur’; subscribers to the self-published edition receive a collage from the author. (M. Folkertsma, Utrecht University Repository). Cf. Freddy de Vree: Het hoedenparadijs. Walburg Pers, 1991.

Informations du lot
Feuille simple
Nombre de livres
Auteur/ Illustrateur
Willem Frederik Hermans
Titre du livre
Collage bij Mandarijnen op Zwavelzuur, gemonogrammeerd
Année de publication de l’ouvrage le plus ancien
1ère édition
Langue originale
Nombre de pages
20×24 cm
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