Märklin H0 - 3368 - Locomotive électrique - BR 118 - DB

Märklin H0 - 3368 - Locomotive électrique - BR 118 - DB
CA - Courant alternatif/Analogique - État neuf - Dans la boîte d'origine

Märklin H0 - 3368 - Electric locomotive Series BR 118 of the DB
With original packaging and booklet
Running number: 118 024-9

Locomotive made entirely of metal.

Blue livery with a grey roof and dark grey chassis.
Fully fitted roof with, amongst other things, brown walkways
Very heavy locomotive for extra hauling power.

Neat pantographs.
Runs faultlessly and switches direction of travel smoothly.
Undamaged and no paintwork issues.

Please see the photos for an accurate impression of this lot.
The presentation rail is not part of this offer.

In 1933, the then Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (DRG) commissioned AEG to construct the Series BR E 18, with the aim of addressing the growing demand for services on the route between Berlin and Munich. The existing Series E 04 that at that time had already proven its abilities, could attain a top speed of 150 km/h. The Series E 18 was therefore built with the same chassis and engine as the E 04. In test runs between Munich and Augsburg, the first E 18 achieved a top speed of 165 km/h.

The above result was the reason why the DRG commissioned the firm AEG for the production of a series of this locomotive type. The first locomotive of this new series, the E 18 01 - was delivered to the DRG in 1935. In 1937, the E 18 22 was exhibited at the World Exhibition in Paris. The locomotive won the Grand Prix prize. The Austrian Railways ordered eight of these locomotives in the same year. Up until 1940, 53 locomotives of the Series E 18 were deployed with the DRG. Thereafter, construction ground to a halt for the duration of the War. The last locomotive of the Series BR 118 was only taken out of service by the DB in 1984.

Informations du lot
Nombre d’articles
Locomotive électrique
Compagnie de chemin de fer
Numéro de catalogue
CA - Courant alternatif
État neuf
Dans la boîte d'origine
BR 118
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