Pays-Bas, Diocèse d’Utrecht. Willem de Ponte. Denier of Penning 1027/1054

Pays-Bas, Diocèse d’Utrecht. Willem de Ponte. Denier of Penning 1027/1054
Argent - Non gradé(e)


In beautiful condition, rare coin.

Catalogue: Willem I Flamens 'van Pont' (also 'van Gelder')
Weight: 0.48 g Silver ø 18 mm

obv.: Half-length figure of a bishop, frontal with cross sceptre and crook.

Left∴, within a circle. Severely corrupted text in the outer circle.
rev.: City wall with Λ / ECT above it.
Severely corrupted text in the outer circle. Willem I Flamens ″van Pont″ (also called "van Gelder") was born around 1024 and descended from the family of the Flamenses who fled from the county of Flanders around 1020 and who got a floan from Emperor Hendrik (1002-1024): the castle and land in Wassenberg. This was to compensate for their goods in Flanders, which had been taken over by Count Boudewijn IV of Flanders. His father would be Gerard II Flamens and his grandfather Gerard I Flamens, the ancestor of the later counts and dukes of Gelre. He was an uncle of the first count of the county of Gelre, Gerard I ′de Lange′. Within the territory acquired by the Flamenses was the settlement of Pont (now part of the German town of Geldern), which was located near the confluence of the Fleuth and Niers streams. The name Pont could go back to a Roman bridge.

Willem van Pont's coinage is characterised by an exceptionally primitive style. Coins from England and France from this period are generally much better minted, with beautiful images and well minted texts. It is unclear why coins from the Netherlands and also the German areas are so less developed in terms of technology. Apparently there was little exchange of that skill. The texts that we find on this coin type are often so strongly corrupted and badly minted that no plausible text can be determined. As a rule, this coin type is attributed to the Utrecht mint, but it is quite possible that it was minted in several workshops.

Will be shipped registered and sufficiently insured.

Informations du lot
Pays-Bas, Diocèse d’Utrecht
Chef d’état
Willem de Ponte
Denier of Penning
Année / Période et Variation
Métal précieux
Non gradé(e)
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