Metallica - the legendary "Master of Puppets" Vintage Poster - Affiche de réimpression (réédition) - 2018/2018

Metallica - the legendary "Master of Puppets" Vintage Poster - Affiche de réimpression (réédition) - 2018/2018
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The legendary "Master of Puppets" Vintage Poster

The album's hook is a metaphor of people on puppet strings. This subject addresses people who are no longer masters of their own actions, but are controlled by a “master” (see title Master of Puppets). Many of the songs on the album are about constraints that control people; Each of these pieces thus represents one of these “lords of the marionettes”: The anger is dealt with in the song Battery (German: 'Schlägerei' or 'body injury') - it begins with an acoustic, calm guitar, and then suddenly turns into a fast thrash -Metal piece to be. The title is also an indirect tribute to the Old Waldorf Club on Battery Street, San Francisco, where Metallica first appeared. Central themes of the album include addiction (especially of drugs) in Master of Puppets, mental illness in Welcome Home (Sanitarium) and religion in Leper Messiah ....

The cover of the album shows a cemetery with white grave crosses in front of a low sun. On the left edge of the picture you can see a steel helmet hanging from the crossbar of one of the crosses. An identification tag, as used in the US Army, hangs on the middle cross. These military attributes characterize the burial ground as a military cemetery. Threads lead up from the graves to the hands of a puppeteer. The Metallica logo floats in between, made of marble blocks (similar to the grave crosses). It was drawn by Don Brautigam.

This is the legendary poster based on the album cover

The poster is rolled and specially packaged (delivered without a frame)

Size = 91,50 x 61 cm

Printed on premium photo paper
Maximum Colour brilliance and high UV resistance
Slightly glossy finish

Safely packed

For Fans Of Great Poster`s

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