Lee Konitz with Warne Marsh - 1st U.S. Mono Pressing - LP album - 1955

Lee Konitz with Warne Marsh - 1st U.S. Mono Pressing - LP album - 1955
Nombre d'articles : 1 - Excellent (EX) - Premier pressage mono

Rare Original First Usa Press DG in Excellent Condition
Classic Jazz Masterpiece Five Stars from Almost all The Jazz Critics

Lee Konitz With Warne Marsh ‎–
Label : Atlantic ‎– 1217 , Mono, DG , Year ; 1955 , Made in Usa , with Biem Yellow Stamp on label , Thick Vinyl
Cover Excellent ( Really Fantastic shape after more of 60 Years , Very Close From Near Mint , i use a strict Grading ,Lamination near to perfect with only a few cm of peeling , corners are sharps , there is a write covered on back but few visible and a archivy number marked on bottom right back maybe from US custom of the period of Importation , spine & seams near to perfect
This is the first " Framed Hard Cover " same only the 50's USA Press Have , in TOP Condition !!!!!
Record Excellent ( Very Shiny , 2/3 visible Scuffs / Light Scratches that don't Plays absolutely , they hold this copy to Put in Near Mint Condition ,
Plays Really Great with my Mono Cartridge with Not Pops / Tocs , Seldom light tics but always under the Music Level , and minimal surface noise ,
This Copy is Good also for majour Audiophiles Listeners out There , it's my advice to Plays with a Mono Cartridge but also with Modern Stereo Plays always Great also if with more surface noises , but always With a Superior Dynamic of Reissues or more recent copies .
I Have Full Tested with My luxman pd 444 turntable with fidelity research tonearm fr 64 s & fr 66 s ( i don't sell these so don't ask to me )

Unmissable LP for Every Jazz Fans !!!

Good Music at All !!!

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Lee Konitz with Warne Marsh
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1st U.S. Mono Pressing
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LP album
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Excellent (EX)
Premier pressage mono
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