Allemagne, République Fédérale 1949/2012 - Extensive collection Federal Republic of Germany

Allemagne, République Fédérale 1949/2012 - Extensive collection Federal Republic of Germany
Neuf sans charnière

Very extensive complete collection Federal Republic of Germany 1949-2012

Collected up until 31/12/2012 and the extensive collection comprises:

1. Federal Republic of Germany 1949-1975 in SAFE hingeless album with cassette (79 pages), the first years mixed partly MNH, partly MH, partly cancelled (e.g. Posthorn cancelled), without gaps and MNH from 1957 onwards. (see photos for the details) - small feature: Mi. no. 429 (1964) Lübke, stamp signed by the Federal President in the stamp image.

2. Federal Republic of Germany 1976-2003 in 3 luxurious LINDNER hingeless albums with cassettes,
184 pages, everything MNH in luxury quality, many as edge or corner pieces.
All notes on the album pages have been made with pencil.

3rd Federal Republic of Germany 2004-2012 in 32-page stock album, likewise everything MNH like the many corner margin pieces at the top.

All MNH blocks are included in the MNH collection, partly with additional individual stamps from the blocks; from 1984 onwards not all of the individual stamps are included in addition to the blocks. (see markers on the albums photos)
Without machine stamps, except for no.1 from 1981, these are present.
Also all cut at the top/bottom and all self-adhesive stamps are included.

4. Ring volume with all sheets FB1 (2006) up to FB24 (2012) as well as 65 stamp booklets MH25 (1989) continuing up to MH91 (2012) + MH20 (1974); (without MH 45, 49, 52) all with high catalogue value. Including gift booklet GH1 from 1991 with small sheets Mi. no. 1391.

5. Stock booklet with doubled stamps Confederation 1949 up to approx. 1995 MNH (small complete collection) - as well as in this stock book all se-tenant stamps from stamp booklet 20 (H sheet 25 with all variants W47-W56 and C/D, doubled MNH and partly also cancelled). Including small sheet 10x Mi. no. 1756 with vertical dash line over perforation, see detailed photo.

6. Confederation 1949-2012 used in 3 stock books, 79 pages in total; 1949 to 1973 not complete but genuine used stamps. 1974-2012 complete, cancelled from subscription of the postal dispatch office. Many corner margin pieces, with all blocks and self-adhesive stamps.

7. Large collection of genuinely used cancelled stamps from 1968, partly loose, partly on letter pieces, partly on letters with multiple franking special stamps. (See example overview photos.)
Including first day letters 1974-1975 (complete) + 1976 up to June, including industry and technology series (14 FDC)

8. Collection of annual issues of the postal dispatch office 1998-2012 (without 2008/2009) as well as various other postal items.
Including a genuinely used cover (2x) with small sheet Mi. no. 1065 cancelled 12/11/1980, one day BEFORE first publication date (13/11).


Please note: the total weight is over 25 kg! Therefore, unfortunately, high shipping costs (DHL parcel up to 31.5 kg with tracking).
Pick up near Osnabrück is possible after prior agreement.

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Neuf sans charnière
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