Pays-Bas, Utrecht. Oord 1579

Pays-Bas, Utrecht. Oord 1579
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Oord 1579 Utrecht

Mintmaster: Hendrik Joosten van Domselaar.
Stamp cutter Nicolaas Petersz. de Vogelaar (also goldsmith)

Obv.: Crowned coat of arms of Austria-Burgundy
Rev.: Coat of arms of the city in the centre of a cross, with lillies on the ends.
In the field you can see the numbers: I - 5 - 7 - 9
In the outer edge you can read the text: +MON• - •NOV+ - •CIVI• - •TRA+

The oorden of the city of Utrecht had an officially prescribed weight of
4.62 g This copy weighs a lot less with only 2.65 g. It approaches the weight of a duit coin. Besides, the coin is also in a particularly beautiful quality. Remarkable and very rare.

See Verkade 115.6 | vgl. Purmer & van der Wiel 5115 | vgl. CNM.2.44.3 RRR

Will be shipped registered and sufficiently insured.

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Pays-Bas, Utrecht
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