Gesigneerd; Drs. P & Jaak De Koninck - 25x25 Polzer. Banque financière - 1999

Gesigneerd; Drs. P & Jaak De Koninck - 25x25 Polzer. Banque financière - 1999
Poésie - Quantité : 1 - Object relatif aux livres

Multiple printed in 50 copies, published in 1999 in celebration of the 80th birthday of Drs. P and presented at the honorary exhibition in the Winter Garden of the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.
Box with 25 notes under a band of the ‘Banque financière’ (name devised by Drs. P). Designed by artist Jaak de Koninck. On recto a portrait of Drs. P at a river with a ferry, on verso two wolves near Omsk.
Each note with a blind-stamped Swiss cross and the reversed date of birth of Polzer as the number. The T refers to his hometown Thun, and ‘Sursum corda’ was the name of a successful theatre revue by Drs. P at the Arca theatre in Ghent and later also throughout the Netherlands. ‘Ars celare artum’ means ‘it is an art to hide the art’. One mistake (it should not be ‘artum’ but ‘artem’) is referred to as ‘poetic licence’ by Jaak De Koninck.
Imprint signed by Jaak de Koninck and Drs. P. This is number 24 / 50. With countersignature by Drs. P.

Informations du lot
Object relatif aux livres
Nombre de livres
Auteur/ Illustrateur
Gesigneerd; Drs. P & Jaak De Koninck
Titre du livre
25x25 Polzer. Banque financière
Comme neuf
Année de publication de l’ouvrage le plus ancien
Édition numérotée
Langue originale
Nombre de pages
12×19 cm
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