Greg - Originele pagina - Luc Junior - Bijoux volés - (1959/1963)

Greg - Originele pagina - Luc Junior - Bijoux volés - (1959/1963)
Très bon état - 1 Dessin original - Formaat 36,7 x 37,2 cm

A sublime large page on high-quality drawing board. Made for Kuifje magazine between 1959 and 1963..
A great plate by this great artist.

Michel Greg, one of the most prolific Franco-Belgian comic creators, has worked in various genres, from realism to humour. He is best known for his humorous series such as “Achille Talon”, “Rock Derby” and “Zig et Puce”, and as the author of the realistic comics “Comanche”, “Bernard Prince” and “Bruno Brazil”.
He was the editor-in-chief of Tintin magazine from 1965 to 1974. During this period, Greg wrote various stories for Paul Cuvelier (“Flamme d'Argent”), Eduard Aidans (“Les Panthères”) and Derib (“Go West”). He created classic series in the realistic genre such as “Bernard Prince”, the more mature western “Comanche” (both illustrated by Hermann), the science fiction series “Luc Oriënt” (art by Eddy Paape) and “Bruno Brazil” (art by Vance). In the humorous genre, he produced “Olivier Rameau” for Dany, episodes of “Clifton” for Jo-El Azara and Turk, “Chlorophylle” for Dupa .
Apart from his large output of scenarios, Greg continued to draw himself. He created “Rock Derby” from 1960 to 1963 and this Luc Junior, around the same time.

He was a close friend of Franquin and his style is obviously influenced by this.

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Luc Junior
- Originele pagina - Luc Junior - Bijoux volés
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Très bon état
Formaat 36,7 x 37,2 cm
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