China - 1878-1949 1878 - Interesting, old issued stamp portfolio

China - 1878-1949 1878 - Interesting, old issued stamp portfolio

CHINA - old, interesting stamp inventory on plug-in cards. All kinds of conditions. In parts there are notes and allocations by the collector, but we can't take any guarantee for these unfortunately. On the first imagine there are a few stamps marked as "FALSCH" (false). These are probably interesting as comparative pieces. Overall, no guarantee is given for the stamps in the upper area.

Mixed condition, see pictures. Please note this is a PRIVATE AUCTION - without right of return or other entitlements. Shipping will be exclusively with REGISTERED MAIL both domestically and internationally!!

Informations du lot
Origine géographique
Chine - 1878-1949
Depuis (année des timbres les plus anciens)
Type de lot
Lot, Lot de timbres
Avec un certificat ou une signature d'expert
Information supplémentaire à propos du lot
Interessanter, alter Markenbestand
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