Märklin H0 - 37542 - Locomotive électrique - BR 120.1 "175 ans Eisenbahn en Allemagne" - DB

Märklin H0 - 37542 - Locomotive électrique - BR 120.1 "175 ans Eisenbahn en Allemagne" - DB
CA - Courant alternatif/Analogique, Numérique MFX, Son - Proche de l'état neuf - Dans la boîte d'origine

Märklin H0 - 46090 - Freight car set - 5-piece set of freight cars of the DRG.

Electric locomotive Series BR 120.1 of the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG).
Running number: 120 159-9.

This locomotive has gold-coloured fronts with gold/silver-coloured surfaces on the sides.
Black chassis.

This Insider Club model # 37542 is an electric locomotive of the Series BR 120 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn AG (DB AG) in advertising livery with inscription ”175 Jahre Eisenbahn in Deutschland”, from era VI.

The model is digital and has a 5-pin high-efficiency motor (DCM).
The locomotive has two sound features: a hooter and a (German) station announcement.

With an MFX Digital decoder with sound functions with digital control. Controlled high-performance propulsion. Powered on 2 axles. With traction tyres. Lighting with warm white LEDs. Front-signal lights operate in conventional mode with digital control. Cab lighting with individual digital control. Railings have been installed. The length between the buffers is 22.1 cm.

The electric locomotive 37542 was produced exclusively for insider members in 2010 as a once-off series.

The certificate is present.

The photos form an integral part of the description of this lot.

If found to be defective within 1 month, they can be returned free of charge within the Netherlands.
All packages will be shipped via registered and insured mail.

Informations du lot
Nombre d’articles
Locomotive électrique
Compagnie de chemin de fer
Numéro de catalogue
CA - Courant alternatif
Analogique, Numérique MFX, Son
Proche de l'état neuf
Dans la boîte d'origine
BR 120.1 "175 ans Eisenbahn en Allemagne"
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