Märklin H0 - 37040 - Locomotive à vapeur avec wagon tender - BR 50.40 avec certificat - DB

Märklin H0 - 37040 - Locomotive à vapeur avec wagon tender - BR 50.40 avec certificat - DB
CA - Courant alternatif/Analogique, Numérique MFX, Son - État neuf - Dans la boîte d'origine

Märklin H0 - 37040 - Steam locomotive and tender Series BR 50.40 of the DB.
Running number: 50 4005

Tested and fully functional.

One-time edition, insider 2011.
MFX digital equipped with many features:
Front signal switchable, steam sounds, whistle, braking, air pump, letting off steam, coal shovelling and riddle grate
With a smoke generator.

Converted version with new high-efficiency boiler and Franco-Crosti smoke gas preheating
White smoke deflectors.
DB-reflex glass lamps, sandbox placed upright on the footplate, side mounted chimney and rebuilt towed tender 2´2´T 26 with hatches on the coal bunker.
Operating condition approx.1962.

Controlled high-efficiency motor with bell shaped armature and flywheel in boiler
Powered on 5 axles with traction tyres.
Locomotive and tender mainly of metal. With smoke generator on the regular chimney.
Directional three-point headlight and yet to be installed smoke generator that will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally
Lighting with low-maintenance warm white LEDs.
Close coupling with mechanism between the locomotive and tender.
Mechanism-controlled close coupling with NEM-shaft on the front of the locomotive and at the back of the tender.
Covers of coal bunkers can be opened and closed mechanically.
Passable minimum radius: 360 mm.

Digital functions:

Front signal lights.
Contact for a smoke generator.
Running sounds of a steam locomotive.
Locomotive whistle.
Direct control.
Squealing of brakes - off.
Air compressor.
Shunting whistle.
Blowing-off of steam.
Sound of coal being shovelled.
Rattling of the ash grate.

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Informations du lot
Nombre d’articles
Locomotive à vapeur avec wagon tender
Compagnie de chemin de fer
Numéro de catalogue
CA - Courant alternatif
Analogique, Numérique MFX, Son
État neuf
Dans la boîte d'origine
BR 50.40 avec certificat
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