Niue. 2 Dollars 2020 Star Wars - R2-D2 Chibi Coin Collection - 1 oz

Niue. 2 Dollars 2020 Star Wars - R2-D2 Chibi Coin Collection - 1 oz
Argent - NEUF (jamais mis en circulation)

2020 1 oz $2 Niue Silver Star Wars - R2-D2 Chibi Coin Collection

Year: 2020
Country: Niue
Denomination: $2 NZD
Metal Content: 1 troy oz
Purity: .999 Fine Silver
Dimensions: 36 x 31.5 mm
Mintage: máx 2000 pcs
Box and certificate

Shipping thru UPS or other private company.

R2-D2, often referred to as “Artoo”, is an R-series astro-mech droid with masculine programming originating from the planet Naboo. Beginning his service under Queen Padme Amidala, ruler of Naboo, Artoo eventually came to serve her husband, Jedi Anakin Skywalker, after Padme gifted Anakin with R2-D2 as a wedding gift. During his many adventures, R2-D2 also developed a hilarious report with protocol droid C3PO, and their conversations often provided comic relief when situations turned stressful. Subsequently, after Anakin’s descent into the darkness of the Sith, R2-D2 assisted Senator Bail Organa. His allegiance soon extended to Bail’s adopted daughter, Leia Organa, as she began to venture out on missions on her own. Finding his way into the service of Luke Skywalker (Leia’s twin brother), R2 formed an incredible bond with the young Jedi and went into “power-down” mode once Luke went missing. Known for his loyal and courageous nature, this spunky little droid has also found his way into the hearts of millions of Star Wars fans worldwide.

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2 Dollars
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2020 Star Wars - R2-D2 Chibi Coin Collection - 1 oz
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NEUF (jamais mis en circulation)
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