Märklin H0 - 37097 - Locomotive à vapeur - BR 85 - DB

Märklin H0 - 37097 - Locomotive à vapeur - BR 85 - DB
CA - Courant alternatif/Numérique MFX, Son - État neuf - Dans la boîte d'origine

Märklin H0 - 37097 - Steam locomotive, BR 85 of the DB.
With original packaging but without the booklet.
Manual downloadable via Märklin site.
Running number: 85 003

Example: Heavy tender locomotive series 85 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB). Version with Witte smoke deflectors and fully reflected owner’s mark "Deutsche Bundesbahn". With the operational livery as used around 1959/1960.

With MFX digital decoder and sound generator.
Drivetrain and major part of the superstructure are made of metal.
Articulated drivetrain for optimal negotiation of curves.

With an MFX digital decoder and a sound generator.
Controlled high-performance propulsion. Powered on 5 axles.
With traction tyres.
Ready for fitting smoke generator 7226.

Many installed details.
Ladder on the coal bunker is made of metal.
3-point front signal lights alternate with changes in the direction of travel.
Front signal lighting and optionally (to be) fitted smoke generator 7226 have traditional feed and are digitally operated.

Acceleration/deceleration delay digitally controlled
The length between the buffers is 18.6 cm.

Digital functions:
Front signal lighting.
Contact for a smoke generator.
Running sounds of a steam locomotive.
Locomotive whistle.
Direct control.
Sound of squealing brakes - off.
Air compressor.
Shunting whistle.
Release of steam.
Sound of coal being shovelled.
Rattling of the fire-grate.

Tested and fully functional.
Undamaged and without paintwork issues.
Please see the photos for an accurate impression..

Development and deployment.
Since 1887, cogwheel locomotives pulled the trains through the Höllental in the south of the Black Forest. The steepest slope amounted to 55 o/oo. In the 1930s, the DR decided to use adhesion locomotives. As no suitable machines were available, it was decided to develop a new series. It became a 1 ́E1 ́-tender locomotive, the construction of which was derived from existing unit locomotives. The 3-cylinder drivetrain is derived from the BR44 and the boiler and smoke chamber of the BR62. Of this new series, BR85, 10 machines (85 001 – 85 010) were built by Henschel & Sohn and were taken into operation from January 1933 onwards. These locomotives were based in Freiburg. 9 units survived the 2nd World War. The 85 004 unit had sustained too much damage. These locomotives remained in service until 1960. Locomotive - running number 85 007 was the only unit that had been preserved and was used as a memorial in front of the Konstanz Technical University from 1966 - 1979.

Informations du lot
Nombre d’articles
Locomotive à vapeur
Compagnie de chemin de fer
Numéro de catalogue
CA - Courant alternatif
Numérique MFX, Son
État neuf
Dans la boîte d'origine
BR 85
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