Ribera, Julio - Original strip - Corsaires - (1960´s)

Ribera, Julio - Original strip - Corsaires - (1960´s)
Très bon état - 1 Dessin original - Size 65 x 25 cm.

Original comic strip by Julio Ribera from the 1960´s. 65 x 25 cm. Pen (blue) and ink on cardboard paper. In general the drawing is well preserved. We ship it in a cardboard tube.

Julio Ribera Trucó (Barcelona, ​​Spain; March 20, 1927-Cognin, Savoy, France; May 27, 2018) was a French nationalized Spanish cartoonist and screenwriter. Julio Ribera worked as a jazz musician before starting his professional career as a cartoonist at Ediciones Éxito, owned by Pedro Alférez, who was also a cartoonist, and later went on to Publicaciones Ibero Americanas, where he illustrated the series "Robín y el Murciélago" and "El Vagabundo". After working for Ediciones Cliper magazines such as "Nicolás" (Lope Carota) and "Florita" (Rosy, Pirulina) and despite achieving great success with "Platillos Volantes" for Editorial Ricart, Julio Ribera moved to France in 1954. He made his French debut in the youth magazines "Zorro", "Le Semanaire de Suzette" and "Bayard", as well as illustrating albums and novels for the publishers Bias, Opera Mundi and Hallandier. After joining "France Soir", he worked from 1965 on Pilote magazine, creating series like Dracurella (1973-1979). At the request of Henri Filippini, the screenwriter Christian Godard and Julio Ribera created the series "Le Vagabond des Limbes" in 1974. In 1994, they would do the same with "Le Grand Scandale". In 2004, Ribera started "Montserrat - Souvenirs de la Guerre Civile".

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Dessin original
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Julio Ribera
- Original strip - Corsaires - (1960´s)
Très bon état
Size 65 x 25 cm.
Ribera, Julio
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