Moud - Chemin de table - 300 cm - 80 cm

Moud - Chemin de table - 300 cm - 80 cm
Laine sur coton - Iran - Fin du XXe siècle


On offer is a hand-knotted Persian Moud carpet

Please look at the carpet with patience and attention. Each handmade

carpet is unique in its design, beauty and colour harmony and therefore

a work of art in itself.

Manufacture: hand-knotted
Country of origin: Persia/Iran
Province: Moud
Measurements: 80 x 300 cm
Pile: wool
Warp: cotton
Knots: 250,000/m²
Internal number: Öz0599
Genuine hand-knotted unique piece! ✓
With certificate of authenticity! ✓

Our internal experts give this carpet the following grade: 2 (patina)

The grade reflects the general good overall condition of the carpet according to our experts.

1 = very good condition
2 = good condition
3 = satisfactory condition
4 = adequate condition (with patina)
5 = poor condition (damaged)

We recommend a cleaning for all of our carpets despite their top condition. You are welcome to request a quote for this directly and easily by contacting us.

Normal cleaning for €19.90 per m²

Luxury cleaning for €24.90 per m²


Eastern Iran used to live off agriculture and animal husbandry. Carpets were only knotted for personal use. The carpet production developed around 1930 when the Shah of the provincial capital Mesched looked for outstanding carpets for his palace. The famous carpet weaver Amini knotted his high-quality carpets in the small village of Moud, giving carpets from this region their name.

We ship worldwide insured with UPS.

The carpet was exported from Iran before 01/01/2015.

Informations du lot
Nombre d’articles
Chemin de table
300 cm
80 cm
Laine sur coton
Pays d’origine
Période de fabrication
Fin du XXe siècle
Dans l'ensemble en bon état avec des traces d'ancienneté et d'usure
Tapis nettoyé professionnellement
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