France. Third Republic (1870-1940). 20 Francs 1913 Marianne

France. Third Republic (1870-1940). 20 Francs 1913 Marianne
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‘IMPORTANT NOTE CONCERNING ORDERS SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION: to avoid potential issues, I want to make it perfectly clear that we ship from Spain, which means that, when we deliver a package to any country outside the European Union or a country inside the EU with a special tax agreement (for example, the Canary Islands), local customs authorities can withhold the package and request the payments of certain taxes. That is a legal customs procedure entirely out of our control. Thank you for understanding’.

20 Francs ‘Marianne’ French gold coin.
Year 1913.
5.807 g.

Informations du lot
Chef d’état
Third Republic (1870-1940)
20 Francs
Année / Période et Variation
1913 Marianne
Métal précieux
Non gradé(e)
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