Masaki Kajishima / Hal, Date - 2x Original page - Tenchi Muyo - (1994)

Masaki Kajishima / Hal, Date - 2x Original page - Tenchi Muyo - (1994)
Très bon état - 2 Dessin original - Formaat (2x): 21 x 29,8 cm.

Tenchi Muyo - Lot of two (2) consecutive pages illustrated by “Date Hal” in the “Black Dog” Doujinshi circle (collective), published in 1994

Dimensions: 29.8 x 21 cm (2x)
Pencil, ink, edding marker & ziptone on drawing paper
Condition: 2 perforations in each page but still; very good condition

Black Dog is a Doujinshi circle best known for its quality work of Sailor Moon but also Tenchi Muyo. “Date Hal” has been active as a mangaka for 30+ years and is reportedly the alias of a well-known Japanese artist but they have managed to remain anonymous so far. As a result, original artwork by Date Hal is very difficult to find.
Tenchi Muyo! is a series about the young Tenchi Masaki and a group of alien women who are in love with him. The first series, by Masaki Kajishima, was released in 1992

Informations du lot
Dessin original
Nombre d’articles
Tenchi Muyo
- 2x Original page - Tenchi Muyo
Année de l’objet le plus ancien
Très bon état
Formaat (2x): 21 x 29,8 cm.
Masaki Kajishima / Hal, Date
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