Pays-Bas espagnols, Brabant, Anvers. Albrecht & Isabella (1598-1621). Patagon z.j. (1612-1613) schatvondst de Kempen

Pays-Bas espagnols, Brabant, Anvers. Albrecht & Isabella (1598-1621). Patagon z.j. (1612-1613) schatvondst de Kempen
Argent - Non gradé(e)

Silver patagon, struck in Antwerp ca 1612/1613.

Obverse: Crowned fire iron on cross of branches - [hand] ALBERTVS.ET.ELISABET.DEI.GRATIA
Reverse: Crowned coat of arms surrounded by the golden fleece - ARCHID.AVST.DVCES.BVRG.BRAB. Zc

Metal: Ag 873/1000
Weight : 28.04 grams.
Reference : vHoudt 619.AN - dW 912 - DelmS 254
Rarity: R3 according to van Houd
Quality: aUNC neat mint luster but usual central striking weakness

Additional information:
This coin comes from the treasure find of De Kempen (date of discovery unknown).
Like the Serooskerke 1966 and Randwijk 1987 finds, the Kempen Treasure Find is an assembly of an impressive variety of coins. The closing coin, a Zeeuwse Leeuwendaalder, is dated 1616 and thus provides a reasonable indication of the period in which the treasure was buried. This is in stark contrast to the earliest coin, a Nobel of Henry VI of England, which dates from the second half of the 15th century. In its entirety, the find therefore covers a period of more than one and a half centuries.
The Netherlands, Spain and England were most strongly represented, but examples from Portugal, France, the Spanish occupations in South America, the German states, the Italian states and Hungary were also present.

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Informations du lot
Pays-Bas espagnols, Brabant, Anvers
Chef d’état
Albrecht & Isabella (1598-1621)
Année / Période et Variation
z.j. (1612-1613) schatvondst de Kempen
Métal précieux
Non gradé(e)
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