Sanctius de Porta - America insula nuper inventa,Opus concionatorium venerabilis Santii de porta - 1514

Sanctius de Porta - America insula nuper inventa,Opus concionatorium venerabilis Santii de porta - 1514
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"America insula nuper inventa" -- Sanctius de Porta. Opus concionatorium venerabilis Santii de porta: sacri ordinis Predicatorum professoris ... Videlicet in Sermones Hyemales de tempore. Sermones Estivales de tempore.
Part I-II (CXXXVI, 2 nn. (le. w.); 10 nn., CXLI.

With multi-part woodcut title borders. First title in black and red. 28 x 20 cm. Blind-embossed dark brown calfskin of the time (with scratches, flaws in the cover, restorations and additions, leather on corners and back old restored) over heavy wooden covers with 4 brass locking fittings (without striker). (Hagenau, Heinrich Gran for Augsburg, Johann Rynmann, 1514-1515). –

VD16 S 1650. Adams P 1947. Benzing 153. Burg 406. Panzer VII, 79 and 98. Proctor 11666a-d. Knight R6p. 2070. –

The first two parts of the extensive four-part collection of sermons of Sanctius de Porta (1350-1429), a Dominican monk from Saragossa. Porta was a contemporary of St. Vincenz Ferrer and served like him at the court of Benedict XIII. to Avignon. The first two parts are available here, the winter and summer parts of the "Sermones". The editor was the humanist and philologist Wolfgang Anxst (also Angst; 1485-1523). He was born in Kaisersberg (Caesaris Mons) in Alsace, the year of birth cannot be determined with complete certainty, became acquainted with Ulrich von Hutten in his youth and lived with him in the most intimate friendship, just as he was also a friend of Reuchlin, Erasmus' etc. was. He "was a learned printer, philologist and poet, because we find him in 1515 in a printing works in Hagenau in Alsace, probably in the printing works of Thomas Anshelmus from Baden, although not as a printer, but employed as a learned worker, like this one from the mention in the second book of the 'Letters of the Dark Men', the first edition of which probably appeared in 1517 "(ADB I, 461-462). - -

The dedication with the interesting mention of the New World, overlooked by most American bibliographers: "D. Vito Aegidio (as a scourge) Decano in Surburg Studiosorum Omnium Patrono Vulphganus Angst Caiserspergius SDP ... In quemque regio semper peculiare quoddam naturae donum habuntur quo absentia sibi & necessaria per mutationies usu / facile alliceret: quam ad modum de America insula nuper inventa, nostro iam aevo compertum habemus: & nostra ista stanneis litteris scribendi ars Germanorum ... ". - Title page of the first part torn out to the lower right half and replaced by facsimile, completely backed on verso (text there also in facsimile), isolated worm passages, finger stains, but only minimally browned or damp stained in places. Occasional contemporary marginalia in sepia. Back cover with the contemporary hs. Saying in sepia ink: "Praestat millies mori quam deum vel levissimae offendere" (for example: "It is better to die than to mock God"). Very rare print from the Hagenauer Offizin from the important Munich Rosenthal antiquarian bookshop with its handwriting. Bookfiche.

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Sanctius de Porta
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America insula nuper inventa,Opus concionatorium venerabilis Santii de porta
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20×28 cm
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