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Amazing Spider-Man #1 RATIO 1:100 NEW 04/2022 !!! Bagley, Romita Sr., Kieth - ULTRA RARE ! - EO (2022)

Amazing Spider-Man #1 RATIO 1:100 NEW 04/2022 !!! Bagley, Romita Sr., Kieth - ULTRA RARE ! - EO (2022)

Amazing Spider-Man #1 (C) Bagley, Romita Sr., Kieth INCENTIVE 1:100
This variant is highly sought after and already sold out as it is part of the exclusive variants printed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Amazing Spider-Man, released on April 27, 2022.

Ratio Variants (1:100) Ratio or Incentive variants are a sales tool used by distributors/publishers to encourage comic book shops to purchase more product. A 1:100 ratio refers to the amount of comics that the store owner must purchase of the standard A cover (in most cases) to receive one specialty variant cover like the ones you see below To receive one of the variant covers below, the store had to purchase 100 individual copies of the regular cover !! So Ratio Variants are ultra rare !

I very rarely find variants with Ratio, they are very sought after comics and prized by American collectors because of their rarity, so when I can offer on catawiki, it is often a stroke of luck. The value of just this variant represents the value of 100 several comics, its an incredible concept .

The RATIO comics as well as the signed comics are really a good investment because of their rarity but also because of the increasing number of collectors and fans worldwide. There is a huge demand in the US for this kind of product from both collectors and investors, and I think this trend could soon come to Europe in a big way. I've never seen comics with big RATIO sold on catawiki yet, because of the difficulty to get them, it's understandable. I'll try to get 20 comics with big RATIO to offer per month, but I can't promise you anything, it's just luck this kind of comics.

Comics in Very High grade !!! Exactly like photos !! WELL LOOK PHOTOS PLEASE !

Objet Comic(s)
Nombre d’articles 1
Langue Anglais
Série Amazing Spider-Man
Numéro de série #1 RATIO 1:100 NEW 04/2022 !!! Bagley, Romita Sr., Kieth
Année de l’objet le plus récent 2022
État Proche de l'état neuf
Édition EO
Artiste ROMITA
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