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Amazing Spider-Man #1 - NEW 04/2022 JSC Artist EXCLUSIVE !! SOLD OUT ! - Signed by J.Scott Campbell !! Limited 3000 Copies !! - EO (2022)

Amazing Spider-Man #1 - NEW 04/2022 JSC Artist EXCLUSIVE !! SOLD OUT ! - Signed by J.Scott Campbell !! Limited 3000 Copies !! - EO (2022)

Amazing Spider-Man #1 J. Scott Campbell Artist EXCLUSIVE SOLD OUT !!
This variant is highly sought after and already sold out as it is part of the exclusive variants printed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Amazing Spider-Man, released on April 27, 2022.

Cover A: Spider-Man, limited to 3,000 copies

This gorgeous cover was drawn by J. SCOTT CAMPBELL, whose covers are always in high demand...

Signed by marvel /DC legend :

- J. SCOTT Campbell

The most famous artist in this time, JSC Variant are Rare and enormously sought after.
Particularity : Very sexy drawing that breaks the Comics code.

Comics in Very High grade Like new condition ! Never open !!!
Exactly like photos !!

Comics comes with the J SCOTT CAMPBELL COA and is sealed with the JSC holographic tamper proof seal

Signed comics as a safe investment ? :

Since the covid crisis, collectibles are beating daily sales records, even more in the period we are in (euro/dollar, economic crisis,...). With the growing evolution of comic book collectors and fans and the democratization of this media via Netflix, Amazon and especially Disney+ movies and series projects, all US COMICS collectibles are a very good investment especially when the comic book is signed by the artist or author.

The comics signed with COA are a very good investment in the sense that it benefits from a double speculation, those of the Comics (1st Appearance, keys issue, cinema project ...) but also that of the signatory (quote of the Artist, author, creator ...).
Depending on the rating and fame of each artist, the price of your comics can explode, just see the prices of the signatures of Ryan Ottley before the series Invincible and after, it has doubled or tripled in a few months. It's been 4 years since I specialized in collectible comics signed with COA and I can tell you that every year I have very nice surprises.

The demand is worldwide and will increase with time. Currently, the demand is exploding in the US market.

The demand for signed comics is so strong on the American market that CATAWIKI has set up a weekly sale 100% signed US comics ;) Don't miss it ! I'll do my best to have a big stock every week, but I can't promise you anything because I have to save some for myself ;)


Objet Comic(s)
Nombre d’articles 1
Langue Anglais
Série Amazing Spider-Man
Numéro de série #1 - NEW 04/2022 JSC Artist EXCLUSIVE !! SOLD OUT !
Titre Signed by J.Scott Campbell !! Limited 3000 Copies !!
Année de l’objet le plus récent 2022
État Proche de l'état neuf
Édition EO
Artiste J Scott Campbell
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