Issues when bidding
The app doesn’t work. What should I do?
How do I know what app version I am using and how do I update the app?
Why has my account been blocked for bidding?
Why am I sometimes charged when I place a bid?
Reserve price & automatic bids
What is the 'Expert's estimate'?
I’ve been notified that I can purchase a lot even though my last bid was below the reserve price. Why is this?
I'd like to place a bid on an item with a reserve price (RP) and would like to know what the minimum is.
Why do some lots start bidding from an amount higher than €1?
I'd like to place a bid on a lot with a reserve price. What does this mean?
How to place a bid
I'm interested in a lot that wasn't sold. Can I get in touch with the seller or still bid on it now?
Can I personalise the Catawiki app?
How is it possible that someone won the auction with a bid placed after 20:00 CET?
How is it possible that someone won a lot when I saw the auction had ended and the reserve price was not met?
Can I change my preferred currency?
Why do some bids increase irregularly?
Why are bidding times for some lots occasionally made longer?
I'd like to place a bid, but the shipping costs seem too high.
How can I find and be notified about items I'm interested in?
How does the Catawiki app work?
Who are our in-house experts?
There are two identical highest bids. How is that possible?
Why can't I place a bid?
What countries can I place bids from?
What makes buying through Catawiki safe and secure?
I wish to withdraw or cancel an earlier bid
What is the extra bidder guarantee?