Shipping & Pick up
When and how do I arrange the pick-up of an item?

If your lot has not been picked up, you need to contact the buyer to come to an agreement about the collection. The buyer is obligated to collect the lot, and as the seller, you are required to keep the lot available until the buyer collects it. You can contact the buyer through your order detail page. If the buyer doesn't respond or doesn't collect the lot within 10 days, please contact us and we will mediate to solve the problem.

If a third party is involved in the collection of the lot, the buyer will take the resposibility for the whole process. We recommend that you, in case of a specific pickup situation, first gain more information from the buyer. Don't give a lot away without being sure that it is an official collection from the buyer.

If the buyer selected the pickup option but now wants to arrange for shipment of the lot, both of you can come to an agreement. If the lot was set as 'Pickup required', we advise you to be more flexible and cooperate to meet the needs of the buyer and don't lose the sale.

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