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Selling your items through our auctions

Anyone with collectable items with an expected revenue of at least 75 euro can easily offer these up for our auctions

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  • Select the auction for which you'd like to offer up your items

  • Describe your lot as best as possible, and add clear images

  • Next, simply create a free account

  • The auctioneer will send you a message once your lot has been approved and is to be scheduled for sale at auction

Here’s how it works

  • Lots start at €1£1$1

    All auction lots start at €1£1$1. It's possible to add a reserve price to lots with high expected revenues in consultation with the auctioneer.

  • Payments

    We'll notify you once the buyer has transferred payment to Catawiki. Only then should you ship the items, making sure to do so within 3 working days. You will be paid out within 3 weeks of indicating that your lot has been shipped provided that no dispute has been opened related to the purchase.

  • Auction costs

    We charge a 12.5% commission fee, excluding VAT/sales tax (15.1% incl. VAT/sales tax) of the winning bid. Commission fees are used for extensively promoting our auctions, among other things.

  • Shipping costs

    Shipping costs are free of commission. As a seller, you indicate shipping costs for various destinations when offering up your lot.

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The advantages of using Catawiki’s auctions

  • High

  • Swift and
    secure sales

  • Specialist

  • International

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