During Auction
Can a bidder contact me during the auction?

Bidders are able to contact you, as a seller, directly before and during an auction.
This is a great way to engage with potential buyers, as they can ask questions about your lots before they place any bids. By doing so, you can provide insight into the uniqueness of your lots, whether it’s to do with their quality, nature or authenticity, which in turn will help boost your sales.

If you are contacted about one of your lots in auction, it is of course important to reply on time to provide your bidders with an excellent experience. We recommend to send your first reply within 24 hours and if your item is in auction, then be sure to reply before the auction ends.

If you would prefer not to have this feature enabled, you can choose to opt out in your Settings (https://www.catawiki.com/accounts/settings/account). At any point in time you can decide not to receive buyer messages, or turn them back on.

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