Buyer Policy

Catawiki provides a platform on which you can discover and buy special objects from sellers in a range of countries worldwide. It is highly important for us that our platform is reliable and safe for both buyers and sellers, to guarantee the best possible customer experience. This requires that our users accept and abide by the rules laid down in our Terms and Conditions. We want to take this opportunity to explain the most important rules for buying on Catawiki. 


  • Use your own correct personal details
    Everyone in Catawiki’s supported countries can create a bidding account. You are obliged to register truthfully, with correct personal details. If you are under 18 years old, you must have permission from your parent or guardian.
  • Keep your account safe and secure
    You are responsible for your account and for keeping your sign in details secret. Don’t share them with others. If you suspect someone else knows your sign in details, you must immediately change your password and notify us. 
  • You may delete your own account
    Sometimes deletion will not be possible right away, for instance because you have recently bought a lot. Catawiki has the right to refuse deletion in certain situations, for instance when you have an outstanding payment obligation towards Catawiki. 


  • All bids are binding
    By placing a bid you are obliged to purchase the object if you win. We cannot remove your bid. Before you place a bid, carefully review the photographs, read the description and check the shipping conditions of a lot.
  • You are not allowed to bid on your own lots
    You may not bid on your own lots or on the lots of someone connected to you. Doing so is called shill bidding. We consider shill bidding a highly unfair and illegal trading practice and therefore, we do not allow it. 
  • You must check if your country allows the import of your lot
    As a buyer, you are responsible for checking if there is any specific rule or restriction applicable to the import of an object into your country, because we or the seller will not check this for you. 
  • Please use our messaging system fairly
    It is not allowed to propose sellers to make an off-platform deal. We will not provide any payment or customer support in the event that you do. 


  • You are obliged to pay for your won lots
    It is very important that you realise that all bids are binding. By accepting Catawiki’s Terms and Conditions, you have agreed to pay for your lots within 3 days of winning and you have accepted that we may apply a range of penalties in the event you do not pay.
  • Be respectful, open and coherent to the issue in your communication
    Catawiki encourages you to message the seller if there is any issue with your purchase. Our customer support agents will also do their best to help you. Please do not use abusive language and refrain from using inappropriate language, insults, threats and discrimination. You may leave appropriate feedback for the seller, visible on our website.
  • Respect the privacy rights of others
    Only use personal data of other users to complete the sale and pick up, or return shipment. Don’t use personal data in a commercial way, for instance to send unsolicited communications.

 We use data analysis to monitor and enforce compliance with our rules. We trust you will use Catawiki in a fair and appropriate manner. Users who don’t, risk penalties that may consist of a block of their bidding rights, financial penalties and account closure.