What can I sell at Catawiki's Comics auctions?

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Comics Premium Positioning

Catawiki is your entry into the world of fine comic collectables. 
At Catawiki we help passionate comic book enthusiasts with collecting,by offering international comic collectables (comic books, 3D objects, original artwork and prints)of premium quality that are hard to find.

Potential buyers come to Catawiki looking for special and rare comic collectables, which is why our in-house experts select every piece for our auctions, ensuring they are of premium quality and are presented in the best possible way.

We do this because we aim to keep our bidders excited by finding the comic collectables they’re interested in as well as ensuring our sellers have great selling experiences.

Product Guidelines

Bidders on Catawiki look for special, premium quality objects that are related to a comic book author or series that are hard to find.


For our auctions, we seek objects that are related to a comic book author or series, that:

  • are proven to be authentic and legally produced
  • are in at least good condition, meaning:
    • complete, no missing pages or pieces
    • no severe damage on cover, spine, pages or parts
  • are special, not generally available on today’s  market and have a collectors’ value that exceeds the original retail price
  • were manufactured in the 20th or 21st century
  • would be auctioned (as a single item or combined) with a minimum value of €50

… related to a comic book author or series 

  • Original artwork, newspapers and magazines containing comic strips, comic books series, merchandise (printed and 3D) ... all this can be collectable!

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… proven to be authentic and legally produced 

  • Original artwork, comic books, 3D objects can be faked or illegally produced
  • We only auction items that are proven authentic and legal for trade
  • In most cases, the expert will be able to distinguish on sight what’s genuine and legal  
  • If in doubt, proof of provenance and/or a certificate will be asked for

About certification

    • 3D object creators generally deliver a certificate with the object
    • For certain original artwork, a certificate can be delivered by the artist, the right holder, or a foundation


Fakes can look almost genuine :


… in good or better condition

  • Collectable items have to be in good to excellent original condition to be accepted
  • Fair or poor condition is only accepted in case of very scarce comics from top series
  • Spine or pages of very expensive comic books are often restored; even partial restorations always have to be mentioned in the lot description

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… special objects, mainly first or limited editions

  • Collectable ‘classic’ comics are first editions from 1920s-1960s 
  • Re-editions of classic comics are generally available and less interesting
  • Specifically from the 1970s on, classic comics were massively reprinted; even though these reprints may appear old or seem original, they are mostly of less interest

If identical copies can easily be found on the market/internet for under €50, then the item is not suitable for auction.

Tip 1: The print date is not always visible. Comics that were printed after 1970 have an ISBN or barcode.

Tip 2: The date printed in Tintin books is not the year of production, it is the year of the original copyright.


Cover and rear cover of a Dutch colour (softcover) re-edition from 1981, mentioning ISBN and copyright ‘1946’ (!) - not special


Cover and rear cover of the rare first Dutch colour (hardcover) edition from 1947, mentioning copyright ‘1947’- highly collectable

How to define value  

An item can be accepted for auction when it has collector's value or second hand value:

Collectors’ value:

  • means that that item’s current market value exceeds the original retail price
  • is often fluctuating, can increase and decrease
  • is highly influenced by supply and demand and external circumstances; for example: increase thanks to a successful movie, decrease after the discovery of a huge stock of old collectable comics
  • once decreased, collector’s value rarely recovers; unlike the stock market, selling is better than to wait for the value to rise

Second hand value:

  • generally means an item is worth maximum 30-40% of the original retail price
  • in general remains quite stable
  • at auction, these items may generally sell below the market value; therefore, more items will have to be added to a lot to get it accepted for auction

To check collectors’ value, compare:

    1. selling prices in shops
    2. catalogues like BDM (FR), Overstreet (US), Catawiki (NL) etc.
    3. auction results

‘Old’ is not a synonym for ‘sought after’ and ‘valuable’

How to correctly describe condition

  • Condition is of the utmost importance to a collector
  • A European comic book published after 1980 needs to be very good/near mint
  • Only complete comic books will be considered for auction
  • Fair or poor condition is only accepted in case of very scarce comics from top series

Condition Guidelines

  1. Near mint - In the same immaculate condition as when it was published and for sale in the store. The comic book may have been opened and read once, but there are no defects to the book, spine, sides or pages, no creases.
  2. Very good- Shows some small, insignificant signs of wear and tear - on either binding, covers, sides or pages, possibly one small crease, slight colour loss. Any defects should be noted by the seller.

    Please make sure that you mention all flaws and also include a photograph clearly showing any flaws. This helps to avoid buyer returns.

  3. Good - The average used comic book that shows typical wear and several creases from reading and shelving, especially on the spine, the sides and the corners. Any defects should be noted by the seller.

  4. Fair - Worn book: binding, covers, sides, pages etc., may be worn, pages can be torn. All defects should be noted by the seller.

  5. Poor - Sufficiently worn, damaged spine, binding may be loose and pages torn, but still complete. This copy may be soiled, scuffed, stained or spotted and may have loose joints, pages, etc. Any missing parts should be noted.

US Comics will be graded by Overstreet/CGC standards

Examples of special objects bidders are looking for

  • We have dedicated weekly auctions in 5 different languages: 
    • French
    • Dutch
    • Italian
    • German
    • English (US comics)

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  • Comic books in all other languages are only accepted if they fit into a special auction, related to one theme or author
  • Disney - Hergé - Vandersteen - Hugo Pratt - Moebius, etc. 


  • Spanish
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Greek
  • Taiwanese
  • Persian
  • ...

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  • Original artwork, from all ages, from all series, in all languages is accepted51.jpg  49.jpg53.jpg50.jpg52.jpg
  • Vintage newspapers and magazines from the 1920s-1960s in different languages that contain comics can be collectable

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  • Comic related merchandise: anything vintage/in limited edition can be collectable

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