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How can I contact the seller?

After you have won and paid for a lot in our auctions, you can contact the seller directly through your Catawiki account. We advise you to contact the seller directly to find out about the delivery status of your order or if you need more information about the shipment.

To do so, please go to > My won lots and find the order for that sale. You can then click on ‘Contact seller’ to send a message to the seller.

In general, we advise you to contact the seller in their native language. If this is not possible, then we recommend communicating in English or using an online translator to assist you.

For certain lots, you can now also send a message to the seller during the auction by clicking on 'Contact seller'. If this feature is available, this contact option will be displayed below the seller's name on the left hand side of the page.

This will allow you to directly ask the seller any questions you may have regarding their lot that is currently in auction. Please note that this is currently only possible to contact the seller if you are located in the same country as the seller. 

The ‘Contact seller’ functionality will be available only for lots in the following auctions:

  • Antiques
  • Classical Art
  • Curio
  • Design
  • Ethnography & Asian Art
  • Modern Art
  • Natural History & Archeological Finds
  • Books
  • Toys & Sports
  • Comics
  • Militaria & Antique Weaponry
  • Model Cars
  • Model Trains
  • Music
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