Delivery & Pickup
International shipping, customs & fees
Who is responsible for the import of lots?
What do I need to import my item into the EU?
Can lots be shipped abroad?
I bought a car from abroad. How do I register it in my country?
Why does the car I bought have no licence plates?
If I buy a vehicle on Catawiki, do I need the original vehicle papers?
Do I need the Certificate of Conformity to register the vehicle?
Has the car I bought had a valid inspection test?
The car I bought comes with a US title. Can I register it in my country?
Lost orders & returns
What to do if my lot got lost during shipment?
What if my order has been returned to the seller?
Issues after delivery
What should I do if I received a empty box?
What is the best way to handle an issue after my order has been delivered?
The vehicle I bought was damaged during shipping. What do I do?
Arranging delivery & pickup
How much time do I have to pick up the vehicle I bought?
I bought a vehicle. Can I pick it up?
I bought a vehicle. Do I need to cover shipping costs?
I bought a vehicle. Will it be shipped to me?
Can lots be shipped abroad?
Can I pick up a lot by arrangement?
The seller is asking me for a signed copy of the CMR. What does this mean?
Shipping costs
Why do I have to pay for the shipping costs twice?
The shipping costs seem excessively high. What do I do?
Who pays for the shipping costs?
Can I pay shipping for only one package if I buy different items from the same seller?
Shipping status
Why and how does Catawiki use the courier and tracking code?
What is a 'Tracking' or 'Track & Trace' code?
I've paid for my item. Why haven’t I received it yet?