Lot Submission & Evaluation
Why should I choose for the bidding to start at the reserve price instead of €1?

By starting the bidding for your lot from its reserve price, we've seen that the chances of selling your lot are increased. Once the first bid has been placed, your reserve price will be met, meaning it is likely your lot will sell for an even higher amount. Please be aware that our system will set this option for you automatically. This means that when you set a reserve price on your lot, that will be the price the bidding starts from. If you prefer that bidding on your lot starts at €1, you can select this option during the lot submission process. 

What is a reserve price? 

A reserve price is a minimum price that you are willing to sell your lot for. The reserve price needs to be agreed on by one of our experts before your lot can be approved for auction. Reserve prices are only set on lots that have a high expected revenue and estimated value of €200 or more.

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