How do I use a voucher?

You can use your voucher when you’re at the checkout, ready to pay for your new item. To activate the voucher, click ‘I have a voucher’. You’ll find this underneath the ‘Make payment’ button. Next, enter the voucher code and click ‘Activate’.


The value of the voucher will then be deducted from your invoice. Keep in mind, you can’t use a voucher to cover auction fees or shipping costs, so these costs will always be included in your final invoice. But if you’ve received a voucher from our Customer Experience team, the conditions might be a little different.

From here, you can make your payment. 

 If this doesn’t work:

- Check that the voucher code is correct.

- Copy and paste the voucher code instead of entering it manually.

- Check the conditions in the voucher email to make sure you’ve met them.

- Make sure this is your first time using this voucher code. You can’t use a voucher code more than once.


If it still doesn’t work, get in touch with us before making your payment. If you reach out to us after paying, we won’t be able to retroactively deduct the voucher amount from your total.