How to sell Jewellery at Catawiki’s online auctions?

When you submit your jewellery for auction, this is your opportunity to get people interested in your jewellery and encourage them to bid. Potential buyers are more likely to bid on lots with a good description, all relevant information displayed clearly and, of course, beautiful photos. By following these 3 steps when submitting your jewellery for auction, you can increase your chances of earning higher revenues on your lots at auction.




1.Submit a detailed description

To help encourage potential buyers to bid on your lot, you should include a detailed description of your object(s). This should be thorough and honest, and follow the guidelines below.

If you are using our website to upload your lots, tips will appear to give you guidance about what information we need to know about your lot. The fields that you fill in help to present the information in a way that’s easy for the buyer to read.

The required information includes:

  • Type of jewellery e.g. ring, necklace, earrings etc. and for which gender
  • Brand or designer (if applicable)
  • Material & fineness of the piece (e.g. 14 kt pink gold)
  • Size of the jewellery, such as ring size or necklace length or diameter of a bracelet
  • Total weight (in grams) of the piece of jewellery (this helps determine the pure material value)
  • For jewellery set with a diamond or gemstone(s) then please name the type of stone(s) & carat weight. List cut, colour & clarity in the description field (for all stone(s) your jewellery is set with). Note: a diamond should always be named diamond, not ‘brilliant’
  • Describe the condition of the piece and please make a note of any damage in the description
  • In case a certificate is required mention name and report number of the certificate
  • For jewellery that was made before 1980, please provide a date and provenance (if known)

2. Submit certificate if required


3. Submit Quality Photos

Including strong photographs is key to catching buyers’ eyes and ensuring they bid on your lot. Of course, buying online means potential bidders do not get a chance to see your lot in person, therefore detailed and high-quality photographs are very important.

To allow our experts, as well as our bidders, to get the right impression of an item, we require a minimum of 6 high quality photos of your jewellery. In order to be accepted, please ensure your photographs meet the following requirements:  

  • The photos should show a 360° view made on a plain, neutral background (preferably a contrasting background).


A 360° view of a ring


  • Jewellery set with diamonds or gemstones requires at least one close-up photo made on a white background to give a clear impression of the colour of the stone.

Tip: You could use a white piece of A4 paper, folded once in the middle and placed on a table in an L shape as a background. Always make sure the lens of your camera/phone camera is clean.


Close-up images of jewellery

  • Photos should show only object(s) you want to put up for auction. For example, if you wish to offer a single pendant without a chain, then make sure the photo only shows the pendant and no chain.

Tip: You could use a transparent or white thread to display the pendant instead.

  • Avoid any bare fingers, hands, ears or other body parts.


Clearly displayed necklaces


  • Please provide close-up photos of all marks, hallmarks, numbers and brand names.
  • Include images of original boxes, receipts & clearly readable photos of the front and back of the certificate (where required as described above).


Photographs of a Cartier rings’ certification, demonstrating its authenticity


Top Tip: Insured shipping

  • Due to the value, it’s highly recommended to send your jewellery to your buyers using insured and tracked shipping. See our Shipping Guide for more information.


Now that you know exactly what you need in order to create a fantastic lot, it’s time to start selling your jewellery. Start submitting your pieces of jewellery for auction.  

We’re looking forward to reviewing your lots soon - our experts can’t wait to see what you have to offer!