What can I sell at Catawiki’s Jewellery auctions?


At Catawiki’s 
Jewellery auctions, you can sell antique, vintage and modern pieces of jewellery of premium quality that are hard to find and appeal to passionate jewellery enthusiasts. This means for our auctions, we seek antique & vintage jewellery or modern pieces that:

  • are of proven premium material quality
  • were professionally designed and produced by premium brands, designers or made by goldsmiths
  • reflect a high degree of visible craftsmanship, e.g.
    • with a refined professional finish
    • skillful execution of the design
    • have a lasting construction
  • can be found in goldsmiths or specialist jewellery stores
  • have a minimum estimated value of €75  

1. Proven premium material quality

  • Modern pieces of gold with a proven (hallmarked) fineness of at least 14 karat
  • Antique or vintage gold jewellery (made before 1980) with a fineness of at least 8 karat
  • Silver jewellery with a (hallmarked) grade 800 or higher
  • Platinum jewellery with a hallmark between 850 & 950
  • Jewellery from natural or cultivated pearls of high quality
  • Jewellery made of untreated jade of A-Grade that was produced before 1980
  • Jewellery made of amber that has not been reconstructed with any additives and was produced before 1980
  • Modern jewellery set with natural gemstones that have not been reconstituted* and/or is set with diamonds that have a clarity grade of at least SI2 & colour grade D-Z 

* Reconstituted gemstones are stones that were constructed from natural (grinded) gemstone material fused with plastic resin (epoxy) and colouring agents and then compressed into blocks and cut.

At our jewellery auctions, we accept natural gemstones and diamonds with higher colour and clarity grades (min H-I/SI2).

Please note that synthetic stones (such as cubic zirconia or moissanite) are not considered high quality. Diamonds with low clarity (under SI) and with clearly visible speckles are less desired.


We seek high quality pearls: Please note that pearls can be beautiful but do not always have the quality we are looking for. When the pearls have a blurry reflection, many spots or marks and a low quality nacre, we do not consider these high quality.


 2. Branded or Professionally Designed Jewellery

  • Professionally designed antique & vintage jewellery or modern branded jewellery
  • Modern unbranded jewellery that is professionally designed and can be found at distinguished goldsmiths or specialist jewellery stores

 Please be aware that unbranded jewellery & rather generic designs that are produced in millions and are readily available in general stores generate little interest with bidders.




Examples of Desired Brands

3. Reflecting a High Degree of Craftsmanship

  • Visibly has a lasting set and good construction with a refined professional finish or skillful execution of the design.
  • Visibly has a refined professional finish and skillful execution of the design in a lasting set and good construction.

Unfortunately, pieces of a rather weak and fragile construction aren’t perceived to be of premium quality. Jewellery with a rather hobbyist look and feel or a rough finish does not adhere to premium quality and typically sells poorly.



 4. Authenticity / Certification Requirements

Buyers are more likely to bid on your lot if they know it’s certified as being authentic. This is why we ask to see certificates from trusted gemological institutes for certain high valued types of jewellery: 

  • Pieces of antique & vintage jewellery which are primarily made of jade require a certificate
  • Modern jewellery generally valued at €10,000 or more
  • Modern jewellery set with gemstones of which a single gemstone has a value of €3,000 or more
  • Modern jewellery containing a single modern cut diamond that is 1 carat or heavier requires a certificate
  • In case of any doubt regarding the material quality, we may ask a certificate from a trusted gemological institute for other jewellery as well 

List of suggested trusted gemological institutes

For jewellery pieces that are 100 years old or more and that are set with large gemstones/diamonds, a certificate is not necessarily required (as it is less common).

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