Lot Submission & Approval
Prohibited and restricted items
Can I sell ivory products on Catawiki?
What animal and plant products can I sell on Catawiki?
Bulk submission - using CSV files
Where can I find more information about the bulk submission tool?
How do I upload my CSV file?
Do you have some tips and tricks for me on creating CSV files?
How do I prepare my images?
How does the bulk submission tool work?
What should I fill in for each column of the CSV file?
What is a CSV file?
Who is the bulk submission tool for?
Why is the bulk submission tool needed?
What is the bulk submission tool?
I have a question about the current tool and I am not able to find the answer. What can I do?
Do you suggest any online photo hosting solutions?
I have uploaded the CSV file successfully. What can I expect next?
What else I should know about the CSV files?
When I download the template and open using Microsoft Excel, I notice that all content appears in a single column. What do I do?
How do I get to the bulk submission tool?
I use APIs to submit and manage lots. Are they available?
I manually upload lots one by one through the current submission process and do not use software to auto-generate CSV files. I would like to submit multiple lots in one go. What should I do?
Changes to lots & removal of lots
The description of my lot has been changed or translated. How is this possible?
My lot has been approved for auction, but it is no longer available. Can I withdraw it?
Lot status & auction planning
Will my submission go straight to auction?
How do I contact the expert?
Why hasn't my lot been included in the auction?
I will be unavailable for a certain amount of time. Is it possible to set my lots to inactive during this period?
Why has my lot been rejected?
My lot has been approved for auction. Why was it scheduled for this particular auction?
My lot has been approved, but I do not agree with the expert's changes.
My lot has been approved for auction. When will it be scheduled for auction?
I've submitted a lot for auction. When will it be reviewed?
When are you planning on holding the next themed auction?
When is the next auction held?
What do the different lot statuses mean?
Submission Guidelines
What if I'm not sure about some of the item details?
Which auction would be most suitable for my piece/collection?
What can be sold on Catawiki?
Estimated lot value & reserve price
What is the new ‘start bidding from 60% of the reserve price’ feature and how does it work?
Can Catawiki provide an estimated value of a lot?
Why should I choose for the bidding to start at the reserve price instead of €1?
Can a minimum selling price (reserve price) be applied to a lot?
I have a valuable individual piece. Is it suitable for auction?
Why do some lots (even with a reserve price) have a starting bid of €1?
Why is there a minimum expected lot value for some auctions?
Why do some auction categories have different minimum estimated lot values?