What can I sell at Catawiki's Militaria auctions?


Militaria Premium Positioning
At Catawiki, we auction 
military collectables of premium quality that are hard to find and appeal to passionate military enthusiasts.


We want to assure potential buyers that we share their passion and have the quality of their collections in mind.

Therefore our in-house experts select every item for our auctions, ensuring they are display worthy and are presented in the best possible way.

We do this because we aim to keep our bidders engaged, excited and help them to be successful in finding the items that they’re interested in, and to ensure that our sellers have great selling experiences with Catawiki.

Product Guidelines

At Catawiki we auction military collectables of premium quality which are authentic, have historical value that are hard to find and appealing to passionate military collectors.

For our auctions we seek and select objects that are:

  • original historical military artefacts and collectable military equipment, including uniforms, hats, helmets, equipment, medals and documents
  • from all periods and all nations
  • of historical value and of interest to the discerning collector
  • in at least good condition
  • worth a minimum value of €50


1. Proven premium material quality

Original historical military artefacts and collectable military equipment

For our auctions we seek military and wartime artefacts or equipment that are of historical value and of interest to the discerning collector. This includes:

  • military uniforms, parade uniforms, soft hats, helmets, headgear, shoes and boots
  • armbands and arm cuffs/collar, tabs/shoulder tabs, belts and buckles
  • general combat equipment and gear
  • flags and banners
  • documents, medals and awards. ((Dutch) Royal distinctions may not be auctioned)
  • newspapers, magazines, books, booklets, photos, letters, soldbuch, Wehrpass and personal items


Military and wartime collectables of all periods and from all nations

We are looking for original military and wartime collectables of all periods and from all nations including uniforms, helmets, gear, documents and books. This includes:

  • items from all wars before 1899, such as Napoleonic wars, British Colonial wars etc.
  • militaria collectables for periods 1900-1918 & 1919-1945
  • items from 1946-1975 - from post WW2 wars such as Korea/Indochina, Algeria and the Vietnam war
  • items from 1976-present


 2. Items that are not accepted 

Items that are generally not suitable for our dedicated Militaria auctions:

  • gas masks (asbestos)
  • replicas
  • reproductions of paintings, drawings or statues of a general military genre
  • paintings, reliefs or statues without proof of authenticity
  • items produced in large numbers after 1945 (particularly medals and uniforms) are of little interest to collectors
  • commissioned items made by allied countries under contract and army surplus items that are widely available

As it would not comply with Catawiki values, we do not accept items that could be used for active propaganda or public display, nor items with instigation to hate or discrimination, such as anti-semitic propaganda, including:

  • National Socialist Propaganda texts, posters or literature, incl. ‘Mein Kampf’
  • leaflets, posters or any other text displaying anti-semitic propaganda
  • flags or banners with propaganda or political character, particularly flags or
    banners from political organisations such as NSDAP, SS, SA or Hitler Youth

 3. Proof of Authenticity / Certification Requirements

Buyers are more likely to bid on your lot if they know that it’s certified as being authentic, particularly for lots of higher value.


In case of doubt, our in-house experts may ask for a proof of authenticity:

  • in the form of  a third party certificate
  • a supporting photo of a UV light test
  • record of ownership accompanied by supporting documentation, such as receipts or original certificates

Such certificates can be obtained from a number of the trusted external experts

(please see suggestions below).

Suggestion for trusted experts providing third party certification

Particularly for items originating from WWII, Catawiki has a list of suggested external experts who’ll provide a digital certificate. These experts typically provide a certificate within 7 days at a standard cost of €30.

Ken Niewiarowicz
Background: Author of 2 books on helmets

  • Germany’s Combat Helmets
  • The helmet decals of the Wehrmacht

Ken Niewiarowicz is one of the most respected German Helmets experts in the military world with 35 years of experience, handling thousands of examples and a very big private collection.

Owner of the website https://germanhelmetsinc.com - www.nomanslandmilitaria.com - www.ss-steel-inc.com

Contact:  wii1944@aol.com



4. Condition

To be of interest to collectors, we ask for items to be in at least good condition, meaning:

Militaria_07.JPG ● As new - unused
without imperfections
Militaria_08.JPG ● Excellent condition - unused
with imperfections
Militaria_09.JPG ● Very good condition - barely used with minimal signs of wear
Militaria_10.JPG ● Good condition - used with visible signs of wear & tear


 Items made after 1945 in fair condition, used with visible signs of wear and minor damages
Poor condition, heavily used with major signs of wear and damages
Items that are incomplete, parts or fragments of objects are generally not suitable


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