What can I sell at Catawiki's Minerals and Meteorites auctions?


Minerals and Meteorites Premium Positioning: Authenticity - Quality - Legal Compliance

At Catawiki we auction minerals and meteorites of premium quality which are hard to find and appealing to passionate mineral enthusiasts.

Because potential buyers come to Catawiki looking for special and rare mineral and meteorites, our in-house experts select every piece for our auctions, ensuring they are of premium quality and are presented in the best possible way.

We do this because we aim to keep our bidders excited, allowing them to find the pieces they’re interested in and ensure our sellers have great selling experiences.

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Product Guidelines

At Catawiki we auction minerals and meteorites gathered from all corners of the world.

For our auctions we seek and select:

  • all natural and lab-grown mineral species, including:
    • well formed crystals, (single or on matrix), with minimal damage, rough gemstones and attractive massive minerals incl. polished but unsuitable for jewellery and carved items
  • all natural extraterrestrial objects, incl. tektites formed by the impact of such an object with the earth's surface
  • pieces of known origin authenticity, as it is of vital importance to maintain auction credibility
  • pieces that are valued at least €50  


Collectable items from natural and lab-grown minerals

For our dedicated auctions we seek a wide range of natural and lab-grown mineral species, including:

  • well formed crystals, (single or on matrix;
    in the matrix there should be a good ratio between the crystal and the matrix), with minimal damage and clearly visible to the naked eye
  • rough gemstones
  • attractive massive minerals
  • spheres, polished and carved items




Natural extraterrestrial objects and tektites

For our dedicated auctions we seek all natural extraterrestrial objects, including tektites formed by the impact of such an object with the Earth’s surface.

All items included in this category should either be in their natural state or polished.

We also accept pieces of jewellery which are formed partially or completely from meteorite or tektite material.


Proven authenticity

As authenticity is of vital importance to us in order to maintain auction credibility, items should be from a recognised meteorite fall as detailed in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database (https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php) or they should be accompanied by details of analysis to confirm their authenticity.

✗  Pieces from a non-recognised meteorite fall or field are not of interest to our bidders.


Items that are not suitable

We do not find minerals of a potentially harming compounds suitable for our auctions. These include:

✗   Radioactive Minerals, such as Autunite, Uranophane, Uraninite, Uranocircite, Torbernite

✗   Fibrous minerals related to asbestos in the amphibole mineral group e.g. Fibrous Tremolite, Riebeckite, Chrysotile, Grunerie, Anthophyllite, Crocidolite

We also do not find suitable:

✗  Specimens that have been artificially constructed and are not realistic

or impossible associations according to physical and geological rules

✗   Replicas                                                        



All items should be in good condition with little or no visible damage.
To have a better understanding of the accepted conditions for our lots, we have provided a condition classification which you can use to categorise your submissions:

  • Excellent - perfect condition, no damage to crystals
  • Good - minimal damage, only very minor scratches or 'dings' on crystal faces
  • Moderate - some broken crystals but the majority intact or with minimal damage

  ✗      Poor - the majority of crystals are broken or display obvious major damage. Because we want to bring value to our buyers, items of poor condition are not suitable.



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