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UK and Ireland Border Closures (December 2020)

Recent covid-related border closures have caused several international carriers to delay or suspend their services to and from the UK and Ireland. The situation is changing daily as national authorities try to free up the flow of goods while ensuring the safety of people moving through restricted regions.

If you purchased an object being shipped to or from the UK or Ireland

  • Expect delays from sellers preparing objects for shipment after you’ve paid
  • Delivery may take longer than expected
  • Keep in touch with the seller via chat to stay updated on shipping
  • Check for updates on service disruptions from the delivery companies 

Until the object is delivered, your money stays safe with us. 

If you’re selling objects from the UK or Ireland

  • Communicate shipping details with prospective buyers via chat to manage delivery time expectations
  • Keep buyers updated on any delays related to preparing and shipping objects
  • The payment process remains the same: we’ll send your payment 3 days after the object’s been marked as delivered, as long as there are no related claims open 

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