Notarial supervision

At Catawiki, we highly value reliability and security. In order to guarantee the validity of all bids placed, our auctions are supervised by independent notary official mr. J. Borren of mr M.J. Meijer Notarissen N.V., Amsterdam.

Meijer Notarissen N.V. was founded in 1909, and is an internationally active notary office. Notary official mr J. Borren specialised in auctions, and performs a supervisory function for other renowned auction houses as well.

What this means

All bids placed at Catawiki’s auctions are supervised by a notary official. This independent notary may review the full bidding history of any of Catawiki’s registered bidders and/or auctions at any given time. Access rights to Catawiki’s auction system are fully reserved for the notary, and no other third parties have access to this system.

Notary’s role

Among other things, the notary official carries out random sample checks to ensure all of Catawiki's terms and conditions are upheld.  

For questions about our notary official, please contact our Customer Support service.


Mr. J. Borren

Mr M.J. Meijer c.s.
notary office in Amsterdam

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