The buyer has invoked his right to withdraw under EU Consumer Law, and wishes to return the lot within the allotted two weeks. What should I do?

All auction bids are binding. Buyers are required to purchase any lot they win if the seller is a private user, as most of our users are.

If the seller is a professional seller (as indicated by the 'Pro' icon behind their shop name), and the buyer is a consumer residing within the EU, the buyer is allowed to cancel the purchase agreement without explanation within 14 days after receiving the lot, provided that the nature of the lot allows such cancellation. If the buyer wishes to withdraw from the agreement, he can easily do so through his account.

If a lot is returned under these circumstances, the buyer is required to pay the shipping costs; including, for example, costs for special transport for larger lots. The original transport costs will be reimbursed to the buyer. The buyer will be liable for any decrease in value of the lot that is caused by unnecessary handling of the lot.