Payments & Fees
What happens if a buyer doesn't pay?

Buyers are required to pay for their purchase within 3 days of the auction closing. Should the buyer fail to pay within the 3 day period, then we will contact them with multiple payment reminders via email. If payment is still not received, then the buyer will be blocked from placing any further bids on Catawiki, and the sale would subsequently be cancelled.

As we don’t want this to become an inconvenience for you, we will automatically re-offer the lot for auction unless you choose otherwise. Re-offer means your unpaid lots will automatically be copied, resubmitted and approved for auction. The expert will then schedule these lots into the first available auction. From experience, we know that almost 70% of re-offered lots are sold in the next auction. You can always decide not to re-offer a particular lot if you do not wish to do so. We will inform you about your re-offer possibilities and will let you know how to proceed via email.

If you don’t want to re-offer any of your unpaid lots for auction, please click on the following link to change your preferences.

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