Payments & Fees
Why haven’t I received payment for some of the items I've sold?

If you haven’t received payment for an item you’ve sold, it’s usually because something you already sold was cancelled or there’s an open claim on the item.


If an item you sold was cancelled but you already received payment for it, we’ll deduct the amount you’ve received from a future payment. 


Otherwise, if there’s an open claim on an item you’ve sold, we’ll hold onto your payment until the claim is resolved. You will have received an email about this.


If neither of these apply to you, it might be that:

- Your account payment details aren’t completed or aren’t correct. You can check this in the ‘Payment’ section of your account.

- The buyer has received their order but you haven’t changed the shipping status to ‘shipped’ or ‘picked up’. It’s important that the shipping status is correct so we and the buyer can keep track.

- You haven’t finished setting up your payments. Our payment provider, Stripe, might ask for additional documentation before you can receive payments. 

Lastly, make sure to check your payment frequency settings. These settings will group your payments together according to the frequency you’ve chosen.

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