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Seller Policy

Catawiki provides a platform on which you can offer objects to buyers in a range of countries worldwide. It is highly important for us that our platform is reliable and safe for both buyers and sellers, to guarantee the best possible customer experience and the best sales results. This requires you to accept and abide by the rules laid down in our Terms and Conditions. We want to take this opportunity to explain the most important rules for selling on Catawiki. 


  • Use your own correct personal details
    Anyone in Catawiki’s supported countries can create an account. You are obliged to register truthfully, with correct personal details and, upon request, valid proof of ID. If we are not able to identify you and verify your identity, we may not be able to send you your payments.
  • Selling commercially? Register with valid company details
    If you have a business and offer lots on Catawiki commercially, you must register with the correct details of your company, including, if available, a valid Chamber of Commerce and VAT number. The use of Catawiki for tax evasion is prohibited.
  • Keep your account safe and secure
    You are responsible for your account and for keeping your sign in details secret. Don’t share them with others. If you suspect someone else knows your sign in details, you must immediately change your password and notify us. 
  • You may delete your own account
    Catawiki has the right to refuse deletion in certain situations, for instance when you have recently sold a lot, are involved in an open claim with a buyer or you have outstanding payment obligations towards Catawiki.


  • We carefully select lots for auction
    A great variety of lots can be sold on Catawiki. Please review our Category Guidelines to check what kind of lots we do and do not accept. Please note you are only allowed to offer lots for which trade is generally permitted.
  • You must be entitled to sell the lot
    It is extremely important to us that you are the rightful owner of your lots or you are authorised by the owner to sell them. If you are not, we will not process your payments. It is strictly forbidden to offer up lots as part of a fake transaction, for instance with the goal of laundering money. We have the obligation to report suspicious transactions to the authorities.  
    Your lot descriptions are clear, honest, detailed and accurate
    Please mention any signs of wear & tear, defects or flaws, to prevent claims.
  • Your lots and uploaded material are original and authentic
    Please do not infringe the rights of other people, such as copyright & trademark rights. This also means you are not allowed to use photographs from other people, including other Catawiki users.
  • Once a lot is in auction, you cannot take it out
    This means you must sell to the winning bidder. Please don’t offer lots elsewhere when they are in auction on Catawiki. We will not tolerate sellers that disappoint our buyers because they no longer have the lot when the auction closes.


  • You are not allowed to bid on your own lots
    You may not bid on your own lots or on lots of someone connected to you. Doing so is called shill bidding. We consider shill bidding a highly unfair and illegal trading practice and therefore, we do not allow it.
  • Please use our messaging system fairly
    We have automated systems in place to detect attempts at off-platform trading. We will not provide any payment or customer support in the event that you do so and may ultimately block your account.  


  • The lot must be shipped within 3 working days of payment
    We will notify you on the day that the buyer’s payment has been received. Please ship securely with registered mail and use insurance. Always provide a valid 'Track & Trace' code so that all parties involved can follow your lot, unless the buyer has chosen to pick up the lot. Providing tracking information will allow us to process your payment quicker.
  • Be proactive in the event of issues
    You are responsible for any issues related to the sale, such as non-conformity and shipment issues. If there is an issue with your lot, we expect you to find a solution with the buyer. Catawiki can mediate if necessary. In the event the sale is cancelled due to your failure to fulfil your obligations under the purchase agreement, we expect you to arrange return shipment of the lot at your expense.
  • Ship from your registered address
    If you ship from a different address than registered, you will pay for any additional costs suffered by the buyer.
  • Respect consumers’ right to withdraw
    If you sell commercially we expect you to respect the EU ‘right of withdrawal’. Read more about it in this Help Article.


  • Be respectful, open and coherent to the issue in your communication
    This goes for your communication with buyers and Catawiki employees. Please do not use abusive language and refrain from using inappropriate language, insults, threats and discrimination.
  • Respect the privacy rights of others
    Only use personal data of other users to complete the sale and delivery. Don’t use personal data in a commercial way, for instance to send unsolicited communications.

We use data analysis to monitor and enforce compliance with our rules. We trust you will use Catawiki in a fair and appropriate manner. Users who don’t, risk penalties that may consist of a block of their bidding rights, temporary or permanent loss of the Top seller label or VIP benefits, suspension of selling rights, financial penalties and account closure.

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