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Off Course 41 - 1999

$ 34,783

Mahogany wooden sailing boat

$ 2,075

AT-36 (Eagle 36) daysailer - 2006

$ 28,534

Timossi Falcone - 1962

$ 25,138

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About Catawiki's Boat auction

Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water and the ability to navigate these vast expanses has been highly prized by civilisations throughout history. The Vikings used their maritime skills to conquer new lands and increase their wealth. Viking ships were carefully built to withstand the demands of rough oceans, designed so that their hulls could flex and bend rather than breaking, when battered by strong waves. In the 16th Century, huge wooden ships known as Galleons were used by King Philip II of Spain to mount an attack on England, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Boats are not only vehicles of war, but also of pleasure. Whether it is a super-fast yacht, designed for a round-the-world record attempt or the “Superyachts” of the rich and famous, sailing enthusiasts will tell you that there are few experiences comparable to sailing on the open seas. Catawiki’s boat auctions feature vessels of all types and sizes, so whether you’re looking to sell a high-end yacht, a tug-boat or a river barge, Catawiki is the perfect place to sell your treasured boat. Listing your boat on Catawiki will expose it to millions of potential bidders, providing your special object with an excellent online profile. Our expert auctioneers supervise our auctions. Our secure payment system guarantees that sellers and buyers enjoy a hassle-free auction experience.

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