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About Catawiki's guitar auction

The modern guitar has its ancestry in the chordophone - a stringed musical instrument, in use since the 12th Century. Perhaps the most important recent development of the guitar came in 1931, with the invention of the Electric Guitar. Electric guitars convert the vibration of strings into electric impulses, capable of amplification, and were first used by Jazz musicians, wishing to make their playing heard during big-band ensembles. In the 1950’s and 1960’s the electric guitar became the most important instrument in pop music, while in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Heavy Metal music took the sound of the guitar to a new level, as musicians began to employ techniques such as high volume, distortion and guitar solos.

Catawiki’s guitar auctions feature guitars by well-known manufacturers, including Fender and Gibson, as well as a range of guitar accessories; pedals and components. Whether it is an antique vintage guitar, used by a famous Rock musician, or the guitar that first introduced you to the delights of music, Catawiki is the best place to sell your guitar. With hundreds of lots each week, across hundreds of auction categories, listing your special object with Catawiki will give it exposure to millions of potential bidders, including collectors and enthusiasts. Our expert auctioneers supervise our auctions, while our notary officials work to guarantee the validity of bids placed. Once the bidding has ended, our secure payment system keeps sellers and buyers happy.

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  4. 4. Make money safely

    You won’t be asked to ship your items until the buyer has transferred payment. Catawiki manages payments between buyers and sellers.

The advantages of Catawiki’s auctions

  • High revenues

  • Swift sales

  • Secure payment format

  • International bidding audience

  • Auctioneer supervision

  • Optional reserve price for expensive items

  • Professional customer service

  • User friendly

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