Shipping & Pickup
International Shipments, Customs & Fees
When do I need to fill a Customs Declaration Form?
I sold a vehicle and have received a signed copy of the CMR. What do I need to do with it?
The buyer is asking for the Certificate of Conformity. What is this?
Shipping costs
Who pays for the second shipping costs if I have to send a lot twice?
I sold two lots to the same buyer. Why do I only receive shipping costs once?
When do I not need to set shipping costs for my lot?
Can I change the shipping costs I set for my lots?
How can I know what is a fair price to charge for shipping?
How are the shipping costs calculated?
It is possible to get the shipping costs paid in advance?
How can I accurately estimate the shipping costs?
Issues & insurance
Can I still use Packlink?
How can I update the tracking code for my orders?
What is a 'Tracking' or 'Track & Trace' code?
What happens if the order that I shipped gets returned to me?
What are the benefits of sending your shipment with insurance?
What is the best way to handle an issue after the order has been delivered?
What do I do if the lot gets lost or is damaged during shipment?
The vehicle I sold was damaged during shipping. What do I do?
Managing orders
When should I ship my lot?
The buyer has paid for their lot but hasn't contacted me to arrange the pickup. What do I do?
Do I have to send my lot by registered mail with confirmation of receipt?
How do I change the status of my lot?
I sold a vehicle on Catawiki. What are the next steps?
The buyer wants to pick up the vehicle I sold. Is this possible?
I sold a vehicle on Catawiki. How long do I need to wait for the buyer to pick it up?
I've arranged shipping for the vehicle I sold. What are the next steps?
I sold a car to a buyer in another country. What are my next steps?