How to sell Stamps at Catawiki’s online auctions?

Submission Guidelines

If you are using our website to upload your lots, tips will appear to give you guidance about what information we need to know about your lot. The fields that you fill in help to present the information in a way that’s easy for the buyer to read.


Please submit the title of your lot following the format below.

In the title include:

  • the name of the country or the area
  • year (oldest stamp)/year (youngest stamp)
  • a short description (such as: issue name of the stamp, stamp subject, catalogue name)
  • if applicable, the reference number with the name of the catalogue used
  • example: Switzerland 1913/1944 - Pro Juventute, complete series
  • example: France 1927 - Strasbourg Philatelic Exhibition block-sheetlet - Yvert no. 2

In the subtitle include: 

  • the condition of the stamps present in the lot
  • example: mint hinged, mint never hinged, used

In the description include:

  • an honest description of your lot stating all the possible faults
  • the catalogue value (recommended) - this is important information for some bidders, in this case, the name and the year of the catalogue used is compulsory

Photographs and scans

To allow our experts, as well as our bidders, to get an accurate impression of a lot, we require:

  • a minimum of two high quality photographs with a neutral background, showing the front and back of the stamps
  • clear photographs of the entirety of the stamps, letters, blocks, gum, perforation, etc.
  • clear photographs with sufficient light

The more photographs the better. For instance, it is highly recommended to show photographs of all the stamps in a collection or in a batch of stamps.

For lots with more than one stamp, please have an overview image showing all the items in the lot. In case of multiple albums, an overview of all the albums as a first picture is required, and then single pictures of the most valuable stamps within it.

Stamp photography and scan tips:

  • Individual stamps should be photographed or scanned and well organised on a philatelic card or an album page.
  • For better presentation, scans are recommended for single stamps and sets.
  • Please refrain from showing any prices, references to websites, phone numbers or addresses of stores in the photos.
  • Pay attention to the lighting. If you don’t have a professional lighting setup, consider placing your lot close to a window in order to use daylight as the lighting source for your photos.
  • Use the macro option on your camera, be sure the stamp is in focus, and take the picture.

20.png  19.png