Lot Submission & Evaluation
How does the submission process work?

Once you create an account at Catawiki, click on ‘Sell at auction’. Our submission process guides you step by step.

To start you'll need to choose whether you'd like to continue from an existing draft or create a new lot. 


First: choose the category that best represents your lot

This does not apply if you continue from an existing draft.

Some examples of categories are Antiques, Classic Cars, Jewellery, Classical Art, Coins or Books.


Next step: adding photos, details about the item, shipping information, and an estimated value

This part of the process has a navigation menu on the left of the screen. You can work through sections in any order and you can also exit and come back later and we'll save your progress as a draft. You'll be able to submit when all sections have a green tick next to them. Green ticks mean that that specific section is completed. 


Uploading photos

To upload photos from a desktop computer, you can drag and drop them into the box in the photo section of the submission tool. Or you can click the upload button, navigate to the photos and select them.

If you're using a mobile phone or tablet, you can upload photos or take photos with your device. To upload, select the upload button and add photos from your photo library. To take a photo, click 'take a photo'. Your device's camera will open and you'll be able to take photos of the item. These photos will be added to your submission.


Completing lot details

An input mask with predefined fields helps you to describe your object correctly and provide important information that bidders seek to confidently bid on your lot. 

When browsing, the majority of our buyers select specific details to narrow down their search. The filters that they use are the lot details you select when submitting your lot. Selecting the correct lot details from the dropdown lists will give you:

- Better visibility and findability of your lots

- Higher selling prices


Does your lot have an interesting story to tell? Do our lot details not do your object justice? Then use the description field to tell us what makes it unique.


Preview your lot before submitting

Once all the photos, lot details and description, shipping information and estimated value information have been added, you can preview your lot. This is a great way to check that everything is in order before submitting. After previewing, you can submit the lot and it will go to one of our experts. 


After submission

Our experts will get in touch via email if you need to make any changes. Otherwise the lot will be planned for auction. Once you've submitted, you can track your lot in the 'My offered lots' tab of your account.

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