What can I sell at Catawiki's Toy auctions?


Premium Positioning Toys

At Catawiki’s Toy auctions, you can sell toys of premium quality that are hard to find and appeal to passionate toy enthusiasts.

Potential buyers come to Catawiki looking for special and rare toys.

Our in-house experts select every piece for our auctions, ensuring they are of premium quality, display worthy and are presented in the best possible way.

We do this because we aim to keep our bidders excited, allowing them to find the pieces they’re interested in and ensure our sellers have great selling experiences.

Product Guidelines

At Catawiki’s Toy auctions we offer Lego, good quality vintage toy model cars, dolls and bears, iconic toys, movie merchandise and military miniatures which are appealing to collectors.

This means for our auctions, we seek and select collectable toys that are:

  • from a list of reputable and desirable makers
  • no longer widely available in retail
  • in generally good condition
  • offered in economically attractive, collector-worthy lots worth at least €50

1. Collectable toys that are no longer widely available

  • We are looking for antique or collectable tin toys and mechanical wind-up toys as well as all types of models from Dinky Toys, Corgi, Lesney and Matchbox.


Lots with a mix of loose items from different brands or model types are generally not interesting for collectors. 

Decorative items, cast iron money banks/toys, modern and widely available copies of older tin toys are not suitable for our auctions.

  • For our Doll & Bear auctions, we seek collectable and antique:
    • dolls
    • Barbie dolls
    • stuffed animals and teddy bears
    • dollhouses and dollhouse furniture


Unbranded and mass produced toys are not considered collectable.


  • For our dedicated Lego auction, we look for:
    • Lego sets, 100% made by or from real Lego bricks, preferably coming with original packaging


Duplo or a mix of Lego and non-Lego items are generally not interesting for collectors and not suitable.


  • For our dedicated Trading Cards & Panini auction, we seek:
    • rare and uncommon trading cards and games, (original sealed) boxes, complete albums and sticker sets
    • cards that are made by collectable and sought after brands such as Panini, TOPPS, Rittenhouse Archives, Upper Deck, Inkworks, Cryptozoic, Artbox and Wizards of the Coast


Novelty trading cards currently available from supermarket chains, Impel or Skybox are not suitable for our auctions.


 2. Examples of Desired Brands



List of Reputable Makers/Desired Brands

List of Unsuitable Makers or Brands

3. Condition

Our bidders look for a condition that is good enough for the items to be showcased.

Mint - as new, unused
(the item has no signs of use and is often still sealed in its original packaging)


Arrow_to_left.JPGNear mint - unused yet with imperfection

Very good - barely used with minor signs of wear Arrow_to_right.JPG Toys_guidelines_16.JPG
Toys_guidelines_17.JPG Arrow_to_left.JPGGood - used with some signs of wear and tear

Reasonable condition - mostly complete yet heavily used with visible traces of ageing with noticeable wear and tear Arrow_to_right.JPG

Only items that were made before 1970
are acceptable in a reasonable condition


Items in poor condition, heavily used with missing or damaged parts, are generally not desired by collectors and therefore are not suitable for our dedicated Toy auctions.

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